Al Buhaira Invest is managed by a board of directors composed of four Tunisian members and four Saudi members. The chairmanship of the board is given to one of the members representing the Saudi party. The general management is ensured by one of the members representing the Tunisian party.

Al Buhaira Invest, client of the North Lake of Tunis

Al Buhaira Invest has 70 employees. It is made up of highly skilled teams and extremely dynamic, well-experienced and highly qualified collaborators.

Chairman of the board
Mr Abdulelah Sabbahi
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Mr Mohamed Ridha TRABELSI
Board of Management Counselor
Investments and Interest Director
Mr Mohamed HMOUDA
Sales Director
Mr Mohamed Sami ZARROUK
Planning and Management Control Director
Director of Internal Audit
Mr Nasreddine HADJ HAMIDA
Financial Director
Mr Mohamed Anis Ben Amor
Executive Director
Mme Asma Ben Abdallah
Director of Legal and land and property affairs
Mr Mohamed Iheb Abid
Marketing and Communication Director
Mme Asma Majdouba Baltagi
Director of Organisation and Information System
Mr Sami Mezghani
Director of Infrastructure
Mr Atef Rezgui
Head of Division in charge of the Directorate of Lake Maintenance and Development of Water Projects
Mr Malek Beyaoui
Head of Division in charge of the Urban Planning Department
Mr Mohamed Ali Souissi

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