Tribute to Sheikh Saleh Abdullah Kamel

Tribute to Sheikh Saleh Abdullah Kamel

Sheikh Saleh Abdullah Kamel and Tunisia :
until death do us part...

Out of all the investors that Tunisia has attracted, the Saudi businessman Sheikh Saleh Abdullah Kamel is undeniably the one who loved Tunisia most. His unfailing dedication and support perdured until his death in May 2020; so much so that he founded and invested in several ambitious projects, such as Al-Buhaira Invest, Al-Baraka Bank, Al-Baraka Real Estate Company, Best Lease, the Tunisian International Fair Company and El Amana Takaful. This is not to mention Sheikh Saleh Abdullah Kamel’s commitment to charity as he founded the Salah Abdullah Kamel Islamic Center which sponsors charitable works and projects. Sheikh Salah Abdallah Kamel’s profound attachment to Tunisia was manifested through a very generous and friendly token that is his patience, along with his partners, as they waited 23 years before receiving the first dividends on the North Lake Tunis project.
Tunisia had a special place in Sheikh Saleh Abdullah Kamel’s heart; he also had deep respect and admiration for the founding father of the modern nation state and the Republic, Habib Bourguiba. In each press release, he would state “This project would not have reached this level of success if there had not been a visionary man like Habib Bourguiba”. To a high-ranking Tunisian official of a large international group, he also declared: “working with governments is not an easy task, but I am still happy regardless of everything. This project is dear to my heart because I had sealed the deal with Bourguiba in 1978 when I was 37 years old.

The president honored me with the Tunis Lake concession so I had taken upon myself to invest some 40 million dollars in this project. I sought to provide the city of Tunis with fresh air at all costs. If the SPLT Company was to default on its commitments to you, we would willingly pay the expenses”.

If you have the money, it's not for entertainment. We have a mission, namely to build cities and create jobs

As the founder of The Dallah Al-Baraka (DBHC) Group, one of the largest agglomerates in the Middle East, late Sheikh Saleh Abdullah Kamel stands also as a man of media and culture. He was among the most important investors in the media business as he founded the ART radio and television network in 1990.
He had no doubts about Tunisia being a good place to invest money in. He noted during a meeting with the late Caïd Essebssi in 2016 that his group decided to expand its investments in Tunisia through new projects « thanks to the clear improvement in the investment atmosphere in the country ». He would often say that: « If we own money then it’s not for leisure, but rather for our mission which is to build cities and create jobs ».
The Lake City owes so much to Sheikh Saleh Abdullah Kamel, and that is because he believed in the project, that these swamplands have become one of the most beautiful cities in the capital linking Tunis to the Northern Suburbs.
His partnership with the Tunisian government in 1983 changed the face of the Tunis North Lake zone. Between Tunisia and this great man, who was a philanthropist and a visionary, there was a great love story.
The Al-buhaira Invest Group pays tribute to this great man who had faith in it and who gave it all the needed resources to build Les Berges du Lac and to make the dream come true. Rest in peace Sheikh Saleh Kamel, we will never forget you. Rest in peace Sheikh Saleh Kamel your earnest disciples will follow your lead on the path you carved.

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