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Water is closely linked to the urban design. Several cities developed on natural sites, given that water environments are a stimulating factor for urban organization. The projects carried out by Al Buhaira Invest since the 1980s up until now are a perfect illustration of success in the aesthetic and functional reintegration  of watercourses and swamplands into the urban zone.
Thanks to its mastery of design and construction, Al Buhaira Invest, the expert in Urban planning and infrastructure project , endeavors day-to-day to make life in the Lake City easier for dwellers as well as business firms. Since  its  creation,   Al Buhaira  Invest  has  carried  out  land  development activities that  generated  approximately  3.43 million m2 of surface out of alignment of the floors; and plans to develop about 3.8 million m2 as an extension of the hyper-center of the capital more starting from 2020.

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