Al Buhaira Invest is a success story
of Public-Private Partnership

Al Buhaira Invest was created on October 09th, 1983 by a signed agreement between the Tunisian government on the one hand, and a group of Saudi investors headed by Sheikh Salah Abdallah Kamel on the other. Al Buhaira Invest set the sky as limit to its ambitions; thus, each of its projects is ever more ambitious and innovative.
The transformation of swamplands into a luxurious city since 1983, stemmed from the desire of the Tunisian government to reconcile with its lake and to relocate life by water body. Al Buhaira Invest was hence in charge of the design, supervision, and achievement of an integrated development project on the shores of the North Lake of Tunis encompassing hydraulic, ecological, land property, urban, economic and socio-cultural aspects.
Al Buhaira Invest cleaned up the lake, put an end to wastewater discharges and facilitated water flow between the lake and the gulf of Tunis. Hundreds of hectares of water were backfilled and leveled creating hence a massive extension of serviced building surface ready to host a modern city by the lake. The backfilling of the banks made it possible to gain significant land reserves increasing Al Buhaira Invest real estate property assets from 800 to 1,327 hectares.
Once developed and built, it has become the waterfront City. Its aesthetic and functional appeal turned the city into an animated and modern metropolis with its Corniche bordered by cafes with spacious terraces; and its beautiful esplanade along waterside, which offers an exceptional living environment.

Families, strollers and shoppers will discover splendid alleys and pedestrian zones, recreational facilities and amusement parks, luxury boutiques, play areas, cafes and restaurants fostering animated and relaxing day and night life.
Inception of Al Buhaira Invest « ex-SPLT »
Market launch
Development of the allotment in the North area « El khalij »
1st revision of land use plan Development of the allotment in the « North West area C »
Development of the allotment « Les Jardins du Lac  »
Development of the allotment « La Zone d'Activités Kheireddine »
Development of the allotment « Cité des pins »
Development of the allotment « Les résidences du parc »
Development of the allotment « Espace des affaires »
Creation of the subsidiary Société du Lac des Activités de Loisirs « SLAL »
Creation of the subsidiary « Wash & Go »
Development of the allotment « La Perle du Lac »

Thanks to the synergy between different disciplines and various skills; and owing to the contribution of highly-qualified and distinguished experts, Al Buhaira Invest succeeded in developing a city of futuristic settings. It offered an environment for a high-quality lifestyle by capitalizing on the strategic location along with the company’s total property control over the estate so as to design a development plan that would make of the Lake area the city of the future par excellence.

The environmental features and the quality of the urban space, a major apprehension for the designers, made it possible to respond to the residents’ both functional and aesthetic constant concerns.

Green spaces galore and recreation spaces with huge play areas are available to residents and visitors so that they can enjoy all the amenities thanks to an extensive public transport system. The area is endowed with multiple shops and services, accessible health structures, well-equipped and arranged educational, sporting and leisure facilities.

As an established leader in urban development and planning, Albuhaira has invested in the quality of the city equipments, a large road system, reliable and safe materials, various cutting edge technology installations and lighting. A special place was also dedicated to green areas.

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