The Lake City: an Eco-city

The Lake City: an Eco-city

The Lake City: an Eco-city

Eco-city? It is Al Buhaira Invest’s ambition well inspired by the notion of energetic, socio-economic and environmental performance and well set to value nature in the waterside city. Everything was designed in order for the city to be well thought out, resilient, adapted to climate change and eco-friendly. Clean energies, environmental protection of the lagoon shores, smooth mobility, sustainable buildings and abundant green spaces outline the trends of Albuhaira's development policy and core philosophy of sustainable development.

The start was with the sanitation and restoration of the Tunis North Lake then came the maintenance of the aesthetic quality of the water body by constant cleaning of the solid waste discharged in the lake by the residents. Al Buhaira Invest has ensured regular monitoring of water quality by renowned laboratories including Institut Pasteur. The implementation of a water renewal system improved water circulation in the lake with a daily volume of water exchanged with the sea of approximately 1.6 million m3 and a relatively reduced water residence time (21 days). The enhancement of water quality along with the hydrodynamic environment conditions improved the biodiversity with more than 40 fish species and 42 plant species. The reappearance of phanerogams (sea grass) like Ruppia, Nanozostera and Cymodocea was beneficial as it fosters ecosystem balance.
Albuhaira, as a principal contractor and developer, is committed to proceed in preserving the city from climate threats such as extreme temperatures and floods. Accordingly, developers opted for a judicious balance between minerals and plants by introducing a green network in the city all around constructions and buildings. To avoid floods, in addition to the conventional treatment of rainwater in urban areas, the future plan is to encourage the construction of concrete water tanks in buildings. The use of solar energy through photovoltaic power station is recommended to limit the overconsumption of conventional energies releasing greenhouse gas. Buyers are encouraged to use materials and equipments that account for new energies on construction sites.
Al Buhaira Invest has also emphasized the benefits of the use of sunshades and low-E glazing that increase winter sunlight and reduce summer heat. Reinforced wall and roof thermal insulation is highly recommended along with the use of processes based on natural light refraction. Similarly, the idea of multi-storey car parks and shopping malls prevailed within a holistic approach to sustainable development. Such an approach integrates long-term adjustment ability of the commercial site to changes in the area for a more coherent urban structure.
Al Buhaira Invest has opted for a policy that facilitates travel and promotes walkability. Furthermore, Al Buhaira Invest encouraged social diversity and opened the city to all visitors by developing public gardens, recreational facilities, lakeside walks and paratouristic establishments.

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