La Perle du Lac 1: The Venice of Tunis

La Perle du Lac 1: The Venice of Tunis

La Perle du Lac, a different way of life

La Perle du Lac, an illustration of the impeccable aesthetic reintegration of water bodies into the urban zone, is an exceptional area composed of judiciously and coherently arranged residences that value space harmony.
La Perle du Lac reveals an almost magical strategy to reinvent the ideal city.
The city, which will be built on 230 hectares outspreads from the Berges du Lac to Tunis city center as its direct extension, meets the designers’ ambitions to make it a large metropolis giving Tunis a new face mirrored in water.

La Perle du Lac 1: The Venice of Tunis

The quarter to be developed strives to preserve and promote residents’ health by reinforcing walkability through the reduction of road traffic impact and car dependency. Al Buhaira Invest wishes to instill a new lifestyle reinventing, hence, a mindset associated with promenading. This will foster the rise of leisure-related walking habits in urban areas among tourists, visitors and dwellers as a way to spend their leisure time while also enjoying the Lake interior and its particular events.

The allotment hinges around a network of public spaces scaled to pedestrians and cyclists pace and complemented by smart parking management strategy that guarantees perfect access to the entire neighborhood.

Surveillance cameras will be installed on the roads and the main boulevard, Abdelaziz Kamel, as well as at the various roundabouts in order to provide citizens with a high feel of comfort and safety .


currently up for sale




56 hectares

Number of lots


13 km


1,2 Km

concrete blocks


LED lights



15 Km

Optical fiber

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